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Blinds Dubai

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You can find a huge collection of highly attractive blinds in Dubai to decorate your windows and house in a better way of decoration.

Roman shades honeycomb cell shades and blackout.

* Roller Blinds

While still maintaining privacy, a roller shade is a simple and effective design that filters soft light into a room. Available in sheer weaves, which allow more light into the room, or the popular room-darkening shade, roller blinds can be raised and lower in one smooth, easy motion.

* Roman Blinds

Also called Roman Blinds, Roman shades are considered a more tailor and sleek option. Easy to install and operate, the wide pleats fold flat when pull up. They are also available in blackout fabrics.

* Vertical Blinds

A durable and budget-friendly option, vertical blinds are perfect for windows that are wider than they are tall. These blinds are not only practical but also provide maximum light control. Ideal for any large glass window, vertical blinds are especially popular for sliding doors.

* Wooden Blinds

Consider a modern alternative to shutters, wooden blinds offer a warm and inviting look. Wood blinds are available in light and dark hues and in polished or painted finishes. For an earthy vibe, opt for slats made out of bamboo; both decorative and eco-friendly.

* Motorized Blinds

New automatic systems add a touch of sophistication and cool to your blinds or shutters. With these systems, a hidden motor is added to the top of the blinds or shades, and they can be adjusted by remote control. Motorized Blinds come at a price, and they’re considerably more expensive than manual varieties.

* Duplex Blinds

Give windows a modern, stylish look with our range of subtly adjustable Duplex blinds. By combining two striped roller blinds in one, half voile, half regular users can control the amount of light entering the room. Line up the transparent bars and light spills into the room, but line up the fabric stripes and the light is blocked. Intermediate positions allow for full control over light and privacy.

* Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are another popular choice for patio doors, as well as very large windows. Panel blinds feature sections which move along a track, which allows you to open and close them.

* Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds provide a great level of privacy as you can’t see into the room from outside. although they are not a block out fabric, meaning you can still see through them and maintain your outside view. However the opposite is true at night, sunscreen blinds do not provide privacy at night when the lights are onFree Reprint Articles, so they are not ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms unless they are used with a block-out blind in a dual blind set-up.

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